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Game Design School


Learn efficiently by doing!
Study Game Design with proven to work online course!
No previous experience required!

Looking to learn game design? You’re in the right place!
To develop a great game, you need a great design.
With Game Design School you will learn that skill.


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40h / 115 h / 270 h 40 study hours for the basics / 115 study hours for Game Design Certificate / 270 study hours for 10 European Credits (ECTS) for your degree.
Course Type Learn at your own pace. 100% Online.
Level Beginner to Pro.
Requirements None. No previous experience is required.
Language English (Chinese).
Game Design Certificate Earn a Game Design Certificate upon completion.

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Master Membership

270 hours


This course is available from a Finnish school. Enroll and get

Game Design Certification, 10 European Credits and

Master Membership for free

Required from you is
  • Register to the course through Metropolia Open UAS in Finland. (Please note the course is called 'Game Design and Gamefication' there. The site is a bit slower to load, so patience!)
  • You will get Master Membership after registering
  • Complete the course
  • Complete the 8 Certification Exercises
This opportunity will enable you to get upon completion
  • Game Design Certification
  • 10 European Credits (ECTS)
  • Transcript of Records in English showing your 10 European Credits
So it’s a pretty amazing opportunity. And yes, there is absolutely no expenses or payment at any point for you!

How is this possible?
  • Your studies are supported by Finnish government covering our costs. Amount of workforce in Finland has decreased and we’re looking to promote Finland for future students and possible future workforce.
  • Please note there is a limited amount of seats available.


If you have any questions, please contact us.


Game Design Certificate

Upon completing the online game design course you will get an instructor signed game design certificate with the institutions logo to increase your job prospects!
Also 10 ECTS Credits are available as part of your degree.

You may see the validate from here.

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What is Game Design? How is a game designed? How does game design work?
Answers to these and much more are available from here. Learn to design games and become a game designer. Fix the problems in your game!


Game Design School will teach you game design. You will study the theory and learn very efficiently by doing extremely practical exercises. This course is a proven to work online course. You will receive many tools and methods used in designing games. The course is created by a game industry veteran who has worked with over 100 published games and received over 30 game industry awards. All material is in English.


None. No previous experience required.
Game Design does not require programming or art skills. No software required, everything required is here.
May be used by beginners and professionals.


During the course you will create a Game Concept from your idea which can then be developed into a great hit game!
The course will signicantly increase your prospects for a game design job.
After this course you can create and complete game designs, create a full game concept and design document from an idea, design all required features and deliver a complete game design. You will learn where to focus and which parts are crucial for the success of your game.

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Instructor rating 4.6/5 (681 Reviews)

Game Design School Instructor

100 Published games
30+ Industry Awards
Creator of Finland's biggest game education's
20 years game industry experience
12 years game design experience
10 years internationl game design teaching
​ 1000+ game ideas, game concepts, start-ups reviewed
4.6 / 5 rated lecturer
Juror for international game competitions
​Board member of Finnish game industry hub Neogames
Entrepreneur & startup mentor
Juha has worked in many roles in the industry: from Game Developer to Lead Game Designer and now General Manager.

Game Design School Awards

Multiple awards include game of the year awards, editor's choises, gold awards and winning competitions.

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Course Review Average

'The course is awesome and I'm having a great time doing all the exercises and it is giving me a broader vision.'
Game Design School testimonials feedback experience Tushar

'It's really hard to find good courses on game design. I am loving the course!'

Game Design School testimonials feedback experience Rakib

'This course is the best thing that ever happened to me!'
Game Design School testimonials feedback experience Pekka

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