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After this page:
  • You learn to use Feature presentation technique with your team
  • You understand more how much you really need to talk with others in the team


This is something I've come up with. I think it should be part of every production.
This will save your team numerous hours and get things done smoothly and easily.

Assuming you have agile methods used in your production and you have a daily meeting where everyone one at a time says

  • what they have done
  • what they will done
  • what is blocking them.
This is where the things to be done next come up. This is where you as a designer should act.

What I do, I grab the people that are going to work on the new feature and use anything from a minute to half a hour to go through what they'll be doing. All the unclear parts get clarified and at the end of the meeting, everyone knows what they should do and everyone will be doing the same thing.
Also, this will point out any parts are not yet designed in detail and will get you occupied by designing what is missing.

This is highly recommended!