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Game Design School - GOAL & OBJECTIVE

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After this page:
  • You understand what kind of goals you should have
  • You know how to variate your objectives
  • You've learned methods how to improve your games goals and objectives


Let's say we have a zombie game (how original - I've heard that even 60% of new games submitted to App Store are Zombie games...!).
Your goal is to survive from all zombies and your objective for this level could be like to get into location A which could be on the second floor of a house.

Now how do you achieve this goal? If you provide only one answer, your game can be quite boring... So provide variation. Variation will also show in your scoring.

Provide variation to how the goal can be achieved and use variation in the objectives. Use first attack and then defend. From killing to protecting or even reviving. You could even flip the goal to create dramatic effect!

Your game needs to have a goal. Even more your player needs to know what it is so keep this information visible.

Objectives are for individual levels or sections of the game. The goal of your game often transforms in objectives. Objectives are also really powerful and maybe also one of the few storytelling methods in a game.


  • Come up with 3 new game modes
  • Think of opposite and alternative ways to play your game
  • Change objectives
  • Samples: Time attack, energy, opposite
  • Variate gameplay accordingly
  • Any new power-ups?
  • Any new enemy types?
  • Any new weapons?
  • Any new level objects?
  • Game modes are cheap to do - But can do a lot!
  • Introduce Collectables! Checkpoints! Arena!
  • Include Arcade mode to put there all those casual items J
  • Include Classic, Multiplayer, Co-Op -mode
  • Have the same level with max items, no items


  • Variate with objectives
  • Introduce boss fights, bonus levels, mini-games
  • Create level objective descriptions
  • Create name and description for level
  • You can use them to tell your storyline!
  • Create tempting but clear briefing text
  • Think of layout and visuals
  • How will you show upcoming reward if any?

TETRIS SAMPLE Tetris Game Design Examples

The objective of Tetris to avoid hitting the top of the screen and to create full rows which are then removed.
In a previous page Mechanics you saw what a simple change in the objective - instead of creating rows, you fill the grid with the pieces - can do.
Simple change to basic Tetris would be to create a way bigger area which you would need to fill with the dropping pieces as fast as possible and without leaving any gaps!
What is your twist to the objective?


Exercise xxxTITLExxx
Easy - 10 mins