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Game Design School - LEARN FROM YOUR GAMES

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After this page:
  • You understand more why you like a game
  • You have a deeper understanding of all what goes on during a gameplay session
  • You can use your favourite game as reference point


Next think of your favourite games. Pick one of them and
  • identify why this game?
  • identify what made this game so good?
  • think of where the game could be improved?
  • compare your game to other similar games, why is it better?
  • what is or was at time of release unique about the game?

If you wish, you could also do this for your other favorite games - identity how they are different!


I've seen tens and tens students present their favourite game.
What is the one thing that is mentioned in every presentation?
Is it great graphics, gameplay or innovation?

No, it's the Atmosphere!

What would your favourite game be if it wouldn't have a great atmosphere? Even the smallest glitch in voice acting or graphics can break the immersion. You should look to have everything well in place and to fit the game solidly!

TETRIS SAMPLE Tetris Game Design Examples

Tetris is not my favourite game, but I have played it a lot. Why? I'd say it's because you get quickly to the satisfaction part. It is exiting when you get into hard situations and very rewarding when you manage to survive those.
Is there atmosphere in the game? For me it comes from the music and from the "Flow" feeling into which I get when playing the game and succeeding.
So what else happens when I play the game?
When I start it, I'm eager to get to the game. Why? Because I want to beat my highscore and my friends high score. I feel excitement when I check what the next piece is. I feel challenge and excitement when I try to figure out which position would be the best for the current piece.
I feel satisfaction when I can place the piece and especially when I can remove a row. This I enjoy and this gives me fun. I get worried when I'm closing the top of the screen. I feel disappointment whenever the game is over and again I feel eager to try again to beat my high score. This time I can do it!


Exercise xxxTITLExxx
Easy - 15min