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Game Design School - DO MARKET RESEARCH

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After this page:
  • You take the extra effort to check if your idea has been done
  • If it's done, you'll learn from it and improve
  • You have found at least 3 reference games


Check from AppStore, Google Play and Steam and also just google and check YouTube that you won't find the same game. Nintendo has done surprisingly many games already!

Check out Google Play for mobile
Check out Steam for PC
  • Make sure you game hasn't been done already! If it has been, think how will you differ from it!
  • Find similar games: by name, by genre, by theme and setting, by mechanics
  • Find 3 reference games and analyse
  • What did they do well?
  • Where did they fail?
  • How could I improve?
  • How will I differ from them!
  • Be better!
  • "Fun", "Good visuals", "Theme" or "Good gameplay" doesn't count as unique
Also check for same named entertainment content.
Search US trademarks.
Search EU trademarks.
Search Asian trademarks.

TETRIS SAMPLE - TETRIS CITY MODE Tetris Game Design Examples

For the basic Tetris there are numerous references.
For our Tetris with City building mode we can find:
City Rain which has the same mechanics applied to a plane and a city theme.
Monotonous uses house blocks as Tetris blocks.

Google, Steam, App Store or Google Play searches don't reveal any game like we have in mind, so we may continue!


Exercise xxxTITLExxx
Easy - Day task


Exercise xxxTITLExxx
Easy < 1h