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After this page:
  • You realize what are the basic ways to go wrong with monetisation
  • You understand not to push it too much
  • You cannot be too greedy



Monetisation first. You should start from there. Even further: take in serious consideration only ideas in which the monetisation works in the core part as an acceptable element of the core gameplay.
If you glue it on at a later stage, it will feel detached and player's will feel that you are there only to rip them off.



It's really a very fine line. If you cross it, your monetisation will drop dramatically. This is something you should find and test before any global reach.
You might have a great game with good monetisation foundation, but you haven't found the sweet spot if there is one.



Often senior and very expert game makers start their own company, make a great game, but the monetisation is low if non-existentent. It can be related to previous matter, but also the monetisation is not present.
In other words, the player is never offered any purchases. The player just plays the game and runs into a dead end.
From time to time you can

  • show your player what is available
  • remind them that you can do better with in-apps
  • help them get out of a dead-end with in-apps
  • show them special offers

It is also always good to show the player's from the start this game is free but it also has in-apps. If they find out about it later, they might feel scammed.



You have to respect your player and give them a feeling that the game has value for them and is created with love and respect. They will spot rip-offs miles away. This is also the reason why huge game with high production values do so much better and it is difficult for small games to monetise.



Price points can make a huge difference. You really need to try these out before going global.
It will be easy to drop the prises, but it will be hard to raise them without getting angry players.

  • ”And then well add items for the player to buy”
  • ”What do they do?”
  • ”Nothing. Player can just dress them on.”
  • ”Like hats and so?”

Do you honestly think you players will buy hats for the characters? Really?
Or a t-shirt that you can hard notice as it's only a few pixels.
Rather provide functional items.
  • ”But those will break the game.”

Not if you can get them also by playing the game. With coins you will just get it faster and when two players with the same item meet, you can't tell which one bought it and which one got it by playing the game.

It makes so much more sense for the player to buy functional items over decorative items.


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