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Game Design School - MAKING GAMES

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After this page:
  • You understand better the nature of making games
  • You are now more team oriented than just focusing on our own idea
  • You know how realism can cause troubel



Making games is very iterative. Almost never the game will be what you defined in the beginning. Out of the 100 published games I've worked on, one ended being what I designed in the beginning.
Often we can't know will something be good or work unless we do it. ”The game will tell us”, is what I say.
I've also seen people crumble on the constant iteration and say ”I can't take this any more.”
They've switched to a more general software industry.



Sometimes there are people who can design, code and draw, all-in-one. I envy those :D
But making games is team work. You need to respect and listen people you work with.
And you also need to get along with all kinds of people, even those that you might not like.



We are not to simulate things. If realism would always be exiting and great, we wouldn't be making games!
The more realism you try add, the more you try to simulate reality, the harder it gets - and less fun at the same time!
This may seem obvious, but in the heat of making it, I've seen so many times that it gets forgotten.



It's really a lot of fun! I love making games, working with other game people and making the best possible games!