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Game Design School - PLATFORMS

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After this page:
  • You realise there's more than just pc and mobile
  • You understand how differently you should design for different platforms



Platforms? Mobile, Console or PC? Handhelds? VR?
Is that it? Not at all!
Think of Amazon Fire, Android TVs and Smart TVs and Joysticks with games. Ever heard of Nook? Kinect, Linux, Mac and even Messenger have games! There're loads of other platforms where to provide content and
one these might be your Blue Ocean!
You can find a list of platforms here.
You can find super good sales info on games and hardware from VGChartz.

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It was quite hard to use. The buttons were too small, you couldn't really create and harvest the plots easily and using the game's UI was really frustrating. Facebook Connect didn't work that well for the invites or neighbours. You couldn'tsee how your friends are doing.

Supercell made Hayday and in their version the UI was intuitive for touchscreens.


You can also find Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe for mobile and it has somewhat the same problems.
The UI is directly from the PC version and just too hard to use... even though I love the game!
On the left you can see a video of the UI, which luckily has been changed. You can also see the same when Console games are ported to PC. Intuitiveness is forgotten, controls just placed somewhere and sometimes some of them you can't even replicate, like the triggers.



Originally Tetris was a PC game. There are many Mobile versions.
Tetris fits many platforms well due to its simple mechanics.
We could make it for Instant Games and for Smart TV's which have simple controllers and where this game could work fine!