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After this page:
  • You that programming or drawing aren't really required
  • You that communication is a huge part of the job
  • You realise it can require skills in quite many areas


Does a game designer need to know programming? No.
  • But it can help you create a demo for others to understand your idea.
  • It can be a hinderance as you might think that "No, we can't do this". I'm originally a programmer, I've totally ignored it when creating the games resulting that the programmers have found a way to push the boundaries and make the impossible happen!

Does a game designer need to know how to draw? No.
  • I cannot draw at all - but I can draw my vision and what I mean on paper. Therefore, I have a pile of paper always on my desk to communicate my vision.


You need to learn the basic game design skills, but also you might need to be able to create levels, design monetisation, think of social features, metrics and write storylines.
This will vary depending on company size - but a game designer can hold a huge set of skills!

Game designer is kinda like the writer has in a movie. Often people think that game design is like movie script writing, but it's not like that at all.
As a professional designer, you should be able to create games of all genres and all target groups.


Team work ability is extremely important for a game designer.
You have to be able to work and to get through to all kinds of people.

Other views improve and help to improve the game
Well later talk how to handle if there's several different voices saying: ”It should work like this”


It can be demanding. You need to innovate every day. It might even be part of your job description. You might be required to come up with new concepts constantly.
The Brainstorming exercise will give you some taste of it.


You might work with people from all around the globe. Getting through to different kind of people can be challenging. Are you a good communicator? Don't worry, you'll learn from here plenty of core methods how to be one!
As a game designer you hold the vision and you need to communicate it to others. Not only do you need to know how to work with different people, but you also need to know how to present your ideas and views to others so that they understand them but also stand behind them.
It's like selling in a way :D


Next we'll starting working on your game idea and create a game concept!
You'll learn numerous ways how to make it complete, how to check it, how to improve it! You will learn how the production for games works and how to make it profitable.
Do you still think you want and could be a game designer? If so, everything you need to learn for it is right here! Lets get started and make you a designer!