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Game Design School - ROLES IN THE TEAM

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After this page:
  • You who does what in a team
  • You have more knowledge of common team dynamics



The roles for a game development can be very clear.
I recommend a member of the team doing only one thing, a designer/programmer or designer/producer doesn't work too well on the long run...

  • Producer
    - Responsibility: Time & Budget & Quality
    - To get the game as ready as possible!
    - When someone says someone should do something, it's the producers task to take care of it.
  • Designer
    - Responsibility: Content of the game
    - Last call on Design (but remember to listen to your team!)
  • Programmer
    - Responsibility: Decide which platform to use
    - Responsibility: Implementation of the Game (who does what)
  • Art
    - Responsibility: Visuals in the game (who does what)
    - Responsibility: Feedback to the player (”actually” design task)
  • Other roles
    - Sound designer
    - Data analyst for metrics
    - Product Manager: head a bigger team
    - F2P designer: design the monetization
Regarding visuals as a designer I know the functionality what I want and the artist comes up with the visuals. Of course, we always talk about this a lot, but the end, the artist has the last say on the visual.
I've had to sometimes keep the producers in their territory as they've been too eager to design more than produce.