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Game Design School - BE UNIQUE

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After this page:
  • You understand the importance of making a unique game
  • You know how to identify what makes a game unique
  • You have learned methods how to find uniqueness for your game


Having a unique game idea is one of the major problems with ideas and concepts. Ideas people have are not really that unique.
Below are some questions to test how unique your idea is and also some methods to help you find something new.
Always work with your game idea. Don't just take the easy and obvious route ;)

  • What is the unique thing about your game?
  • What makes it stand from other games?
  • Is it so good it makes you lose your sleep?
  • Do others lose their sleep?
  • What is the game you would want to do?
  • What is the game you would want to play?
  • Your dream game!
  • Don't take the obvious – come up with something original!


  • Do it Bigger Wider Faster Slower
  • Play with dimension(s)
  • Do ANTI game like ANTI pong where your goal is to avoid the ball!
  • Combine with another game
  • Combine two games from two different genres
  • Improve existing


These do not make your game unique.
  • "Great game!"
  • Great graphics and visuals
  • Best controls ever
  • It's a "pirate/zombie/space" themed game!
These should all be in your game as default.
They are called high production values, but don't necessarily make a great game.

TETRIS SAMPLE Tetris Game Design Examples

For Tetris, its unique thing is the mechanics. When introduced, it was something totally new. Many games have created copies or similar games with same block elements, but with different gameplay mechanics.


Game Design School - Exercise xxxTITLExxx
Hard - 1h or more

This is a challenge from real life.

We wanted to do a pool game, but there was so many already available. We needed to come up with something new that would give us attention and make us stand out!
Write below how would you make the pool game stand out, interesting and different!

Game Design Schoolsolution EXERCISE: GAME IDEA CHALLENGE 1
Answer will be visible after you provide your answer.