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Game Design School - COMPLETE YOUR IDEA

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After this page:
  • You know how to take your idea further
  • You understand what makes an incomplete idea
  • You know how to complete an idea to a full game idea


When you come up with your idea, it usually isn't complete. You will need to add a goal and a challenge to complete it. Build your game incrementally by adding first the goal and then the challenge.



1) Idea

Everything starts with you coming up with an idea. But this is only the start!

2) Goal

Next step is to verify your game has a goal in and that the goal is clear and understandable. If you don't have a clear goal, you should come up with one that is a clear, simple and easily to understand. Test it with others if possible by simple telling them about the idea and the goal in the game. You can also provide a drawing.

3) Challenge

Third part is to involve some sort of challenge. The challenge provides difficulty to the game and makes it meaningful to play. A without any challenge is not meaningful. Very much related to this is the Learning Curve.

TETRIS SAMPLE Tetris Game Design Examples

1) Idea

Lets say our idea would be Tetris. In the game you need to match the dropping blocks to the bottom of the screen by rotating them to remove the rows before the screen is filled.

2) Goal

For Tetris the goal is to keep the screen clear and not to hit the top of the screen. You do this by creating full rows which are then removed.

3) Challenge

For Tetris the challenge is that you need to turn the dropping pieces around for the best possible position before they hit the bottom. As you advance in the game, the speed of the blocks increases which yet adds to the challenge.


Game Design School - Exercise xxxTITLExxx
Intermediate - 30 mins

Think what is the goal and the challenge in your game?
Write them here!

As all exercises can't have one clear 'correct' or 'right' and distinct answer, this is one those.
But completing this exercise should teach you a lot anyways! Contact us if you want to ask more!