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Game Design School - REDESIGN A CLASSIC

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After this page:
  • You've learned to work more with your game and realised that a game will change a lot during production
  • You can see more clearly your game's core and what really is important
  • You're not so attached to the features of your game

Redesign a Classic
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This exercise imitates real life. You might work for a game company that does subcontracting and they want a Pong game done.
This exercise has been proven to work and to give you great insight into

  • how to make games
  • what to include to your game
  • to understand the priorities
  • to understand what is needed to create a complete game
  • why a game might end up unfinished due to production decisions

First you should create the Pong or use your own game to identify all the features. This exercise works well with a team, but you can do it alone too :)


Here's how the final round can go :D

Exercise xxxTITLExxx


This exercise imitates real life. Pong is the game where two players with rackets hit a ball from one end to the other trying to hit the opponents end for a point.

If this game would be done today, you would need to add a lot of content to it.
I would recommend doing this with a group of 2 - 6 people but you can do it also on our own.
So this is your goal:
1. Create Pong with at least 6 hours of gameplay - in other words try to provide meaningful playtime for 6 hours.
2. Make it stand from all the other Pongs, come up with someone new and unique!
3. Keep the basic mechanics, but you can extend it, and try to keep it for casual audience. But if your game goes for other kinds of theme, go :)
4. If you do this in a group, once everyone is ready, let everyone introduce their Pongs.
5. Create one Pong from all the ideas presented. Create the Pong that you think would most appeal to the publisher you are to meet next!
This imitates real life how you get a lot of ideas and feedback from others!


Try to find a really big paper for this one :D
1. Identify all the features of your game.
2. Use post-its. Write one feature per each post-it.
3. Place each note into Core, Ext or Wishlist.
Core: We will absolutely have these features in our game!
Extended: We want these to make a 10 game
Wishlist: If only we'd have time, we'd do these... But we can live without them.

You should have in total around 20-30 features divided somewhat evenly.

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