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Game Design School - CONCEPT DOCUMENT

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After this page:
  • You have started working on your concept document or canvas
  • You have filled all parts of the concept document


You may use the concept template below or also the canvas tool.

Concept Document Template

Download the concept document from Concept Document.doc

The Not Like This Version

And to avoid the most common mistakes, download the Not like this


Here's the parts of the documents and what should be in them.
You can find the concept template here. Never put more than two pages into it. Why? Because it will help you nail your game!

Along with these guidelines runs the concept sample for the Fighter Pilot game.


Exercise xxxTITLExxx
Easy - 1 hour


  • Title of the Game
  • Come up with an powerful and descriptive name
  • You should instantly know what it's about!
  • Remember to check that the name is not copy protected
  • A name for a game where you become a fighter pilot and battle around the world?
”Fighter Pilot”
”Sky's The Limit”
”Open Air”
”Battle Aviator”
”Path to AirWars”
”Pilot Wars: Open Air Conflict”
”Fighter Wars: Pacific Trouble”


Who will play your game?

  • Gender
  • Age (possible limitations)
  • Optional: Area
  • Optional: Player type: Casual / Hardcore

Fighter Pilot
  • Male 20 - 40

Hardcore gamers


  • Real-time strategy
  • Strategy, Simulation, GodGame
  • First Person Shooter, Action
  • Puzzle
  • Platformer
  • Sports
  • Racing
  • Adventure / Role
  • MMO
  • Other...


Which platform and why this platform? Also understand your platform, what people on that platform expect and how they play.

  • Console: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch
  • Mobile
  • PC, Mac
  • Digital Distribution: Steam, XBLA
  • Web
  • Board game
  • Multiplatform?


  • Describe your game in one (max two) sentences
”High concept”
  • Nail the core of the game
Fighter Pilot: ”Intensive modern day dogfight action located in global hot spots”


  • Why this game?
  • What is new in this game never seen before?
  • Why should a publisher pay to produce this?
  • Why would someone buy this game?
  • What other similar games are in the market?
  • Competitor Analysis
  • What makes this better than all the others?
Fighter Pilot:
  • Realistic battles with actual satellite details.
  • More realistic weaponry than in any other pilot game
  • On screen fighter pilot HUD never before seen!


  • What are the features of the game?
  • Describe the amount of content in the game
  • What are the features with what this game is sold with
  • Fighter Pilot game features:
- Realistic 3D models and Physics
- 7 Campaigns located in 3 continents and environments
- 45 individual missions with increasing difficulty
- 3 Fighter Pilots to choose from
- Real world weaponry with 20 different type of missiles
- Weather effects


  • How does the game work?
  • What will the player be doing?
  • What are the controls?
  • Fighter Pilot
- Pilot the realistic fighter to targets and
shoot weapons
  • Keyboard:
- Ctrl, Alt: toggle jet engine power
- Arrow keys: control the fighter
- Space: launch missile
- 1,2,3,4: change weapon
  • Joystick:
  • Mouse:


  • What is the objective in the game?
  • How do you achieve it?
  • What is the challenge in achieving it?
  • What is the long term goal, metagame?
  • In other words, what should you do in the game
  • Fighter Pilot: ”Destroy all enemy hot spots by gaining the required training, fighter and weaponry”



  • Describe the story & characters in the game
  • Fighter Pilot:
"The free world is at danger and more fighter pilots are needed! Advance from trainee to full scale fighter pilot trained for the toughest battles in the world.
"But something is not as it seems, since some fighters drop without warning. Who is the traitor!”


  • 3rd Person
  • 1st Person
  • Platformer
  • TopDown
  • TopDown with "vertical tilting" - some object from top down like and some from side
  • Isometric

TETRIS SAMPLE Tetris Game Design Examples

For Tetris with City building mode short sample:
Title: Tetris. But if we'd have a different theme, like we'd be building a City from the blocks, we could call it City Blocks.
Target group: 20-30 puzzle lovers.
Genre: Puzzle game.
Platform: PC.
Pitch: Well known Tetris now combined with a meaningful long term goal of city building.
Unique selling points: Addictive new puzzle mechanics. At the time of release it was new. With City building mode, the Unique thing is the City building with Tetris.
Mechanics & Controls: Pieces fall from the top of the screen. You may rotate them with arrow keys to turn them so that the consume as little space as possible or complete a row. Completed rows will be removed. Your objective is not to hit the top of the screen.
Objective: Complete rows and don't hit the top of the screen. Each level will have different row amount objective.
  • City mode -metagame for long term game play
  • Familiar game play mechanics from Tetris
  • Leaderboard
  • Storyline
  • Level selection screen
  • Bonus levels (with variating gameplay)
    Storyline: You are the main architect of the city and new people are arriving all the time. You need to provide them with new houses. It's your goal to build them the new houses.
    Visual style: Casual and colorful