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Game Design School - COMPONENTS OF A GAME

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After this page:
  • You know what components you need to provide for the player
  • You understand more clearly how a game is constructed
  • You understand all the content you need to have for a game


After doing a bunch of games, I've identified the components of a game. You can see these in the image below.
To create a complete game you need to have all these thought through and designed. You can also use the feature toolbox to identify what you need.
How this works is that if you change let's say the mechanics, then everything starting from that, will be affected and has to be reviewed so that they still match the game in the best possible way.
If you change the objective, story or theme, the same thing, you'll need to review all the components.


TETRIS SAMPLE Tetris Game Design Examples

For Tetris the parts would be:
Mechanics: Different shaped objects fall down from the top of the screen. You need to place them to the bottom filling and completing the bottom area to solid blocks. Once you have completed a row, it is removed. Game ends when any piece hits the top of the screen after being dropped.
Gameplay: Gameplay speeds up every time a row is completed and removed. For the experience the aim is to get the player to a flow feeling. Positive feedback is provided for every placed piece and removed row.
Controls: On PC , use arrow keys left and right to rotate, space to drop the piece immediately.
Objective: Keep the screen clear and don't hit the top of the screen with any piece that has been dropped.
Visuals: The style is 2D casual meaning colourful blocks.
Content: Original Tetris had only one level which you would play to the end. You could have a level structure and each level could have different objective: complete 10 rows, complete 20 rows and so on. Game could contain a storyline, a character to guide you through the game, another to be your worst rival. Game could have power-ups like full wipe out that would clear the entire screen.
User interface: We need in-game screen, scorecard atleast. In addition we can have a main menu, help screen, settings, loading screen and pause screen. If we expand the core game with a metagame, a map screen for level selection and a intermediate screen for the storyline.
Theme: We could place the game in a forest and we'd be building trees. In city and the pieces would be blocks we use to build houses.
Story: The game could have a story which could be about building a city for the new comers and your job is to provide that city. Every removed row would be a floor to the building and when the level ends, the house would as many floor as you completed rows. This house would then be placed to the city. With the tree theme, every removed row would contribute to the height of the tree.


Exercise xxxTITLExxx
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Exercise xxxTITLExxx
Easy - 1 hour


Exercise xxxTITLExxx
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