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Game Design School - GAME DESIGN PROCESS

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After this page:
  • You have a better overview of the game design process
  • You can divide the process in to different phases and areas



Before you start creating your game, you should understand why we play gamesand what a game is made of, its components.
To get and to keep players in your game, it is crucial to understand the core game loop. Good tools for learning about games are your favourite games and bad games.

We can identify what kind of game idea you have come up with. Please come with something has something 3 parts. Also we can complete our idea incrementally.
Once you have a complete game idea, time to do market research.

Once the idea is complete, you can advance to connecting. At this point atleast, you should understand who is your target group and your platform. Know you need to design in detail and include your mechanics, goal and objective, and challenge in the game. That is not enough, you also need a long term goal or metagame to keep player's interested. Often people just take the first theme they come up with but they should on it and try lots of different possible features to their game.
At this point you might get into problems, but core-ext-wish is a powerful method to help you through.

After the concept is ready and approved we can start designing the game.
What is required for a game designer and what does a game designer actually do? It is important to hold the vision of the game and to present it to others in your team, but also to communicate it to the player. Some key components of designing a game are level design, storyline and the learning curve. While design your game, you should have a checklist, follow good design principles and guidelines. You should also be aware of the biggest problems biggest problems for designers. Use priotizing to avoid problems .

You should understand the nature of games and the roles in the teams before you start. Production is the process of taking your use playability evaluation.

You might hate this, but this should maybe be the first one. You're not just making a game, if you're looking to make a living with it, you're making a product and then you need income. It's important to understand the philosophy behind it and what people pay for to provide value to your player. You need to plan carefully and understand some of the models for monetisation.